Dominik helps when you’re in the middle of a storm.
When an immediate need for leadership arises, Dominik’s interim management program can offer a proactive solution, rapidly deploying an executive for limited engagements.
Many clients rely on interim executives to keep their organisations on course during periods of transition, or lead them through successful transformations.
Dominik can be the expert by your side to help your business. He has a successful track record in meeting our client’s needs.

MCMB skills

– Change management skills –

– Ambition for improvement –

– Strategic & Analytical thinking –

– Strong leadership skills –

– Team motivation –

– Innovative –

– Planning & Processing Management –


What is Interim Management?

Interim management is the short-term provision of executive talent for a limited period of time, based on the client’s needs.

What are the benefits of Interim Management?

An interim executive provides a high level of the required expertise, such as specific technical knowledge or management skills, as well as impartiality and perspective, enabling them to lead comprehensive change and deliver operational efficiencies and measurable ROI.

What are the responsibilities of an Interim Manager?

The day to day work-related tasks differ from manager to manager and are based on the specific requirement for which the Interim manager was hired.

They generally come into a place of work and take over the conception and implementation of company restructuring, carry out rationalizations or prepare plans for the reorganization of companies. Company sales and the planning and execution of company takeovers as well as pure consulting functions can also be on the agenda