The right business advisor professional increases your chance of success dramatically.

 Dominik is focused on small and medium-sized enterprises in Australia and Europe.
 Dominik builds a partnership with his clients where they work together to identify areas in need of change and create habits that will achieve the desired results.

This process enables clients to see and then design their lives differently. He works with people who are open and ready for change and committed to doing the work needed to make those changes.
He partners with them on a learning journey that often lasts 2 to 3 years and typically culminates in clients feeling more engaged, with a deep sense of satisfaction in having transformed their life for the better.
 Business Advising is an ongoing process between Dominik and his clients. Each session generally lasts one and a half hours, with 2 to 4 sessions per month. The first few months of coaching typically focus on building client awareness, with the final few months focusing on repetitive practice through committed daily or weekly action.

 Dominik is more than just a “Business Coach”

MCMB Business Hybrid Model

Business advising isn’t a static industry. With many industries undergoing rapid changes, business advising methods that allow for accelerated development and rapid learning will become critical to serving business.